Latex Pillow Aidodo Memory Foam Pillow Firm Natural Latex Foam Pillows with Superior Breathable Fiber Case for Effective Support, Comfort and Pain Relief (White, Standard Size)

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The properties latex pillow:

1. Made up of 100% natural latex foam. The high density natural latex with memory elastic effects is capable of holding its shape throughout the night,
always offering a perfect support to your head and neck, thus it is effective to relieve from pain and fatigue.

2. Extremely soft and comfortable pillow, requiring no shaking or fluffing.
Natural latex foam that makes it ideal for both back and side sleep.

3. Non-toxic, anti-mite and anti-bacterial, anti-allergy.
Ideal for anti-microbial and high level of mildew resistance and hypoallergenic – even for sensitive skin.

4. Natural latex pillow being highly durable is surely going to last for years to come.

5. Comes with a removable pillow cover that can be easily unzipped and washed.

Natural Latex pillow Identification Tips:

1. SMELL: The natural latex pillow is of slight rubber odour, smell for long time without uncomfort, non-toxic and harmless.

2. LOOK: The color of natural latex pillow is beige, absolutely not milk white(the milk white is synthetic, reclaimed or PU), and the real latex pillow is with millions pinholes.

3. TOUCH: The surface of natural latex pillow looks like wrinkle, touch it will feel comfortable like touching skin, absolutely not slick(slick is synthetics).

4. PRESS: When press the natural latex pillow, it will rapid rebound. The slow rebound is common memory pillow.


1. Material: Latex.

2. Color: White.

3. Size: 22.83×14.96inches.

4. Shape: rectangular.

Package list:

1 x Latex foam pillow inner

1 x removable pillow case


If required, please using the lukewarm water to clean the latex foam pillow. No machine wash.

The thickness of MIDDLE PART is around 5.0 inches, EDGE is around 3.0 inches.

Product Features

  • ERGONOMIC PRINCIPLE: Latex pillow is designed to effectively promote sleep. It can effectively reduce snoring, and good for asthma patients, this pillow can effectively support the cervical spine, thus help get relief from ever-annoying neck/shoulder pain. Medium thickness design is helpful to cervical spine health care.
  • NON-TOXIC, ANTI-MITE, ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-ALLERGY: Our pillows are made up of 100% natural latex derived from rubber tree sap using the classical Dunlop Process, which allows us to give you 100% Natural Latex Pillow without impurities. So, this latex pillow is effective to anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergy.
  • WITH HIGH ELASTICITY: The high density natural latex is capable of holding its shape through the night, thus always offering a perfect support, lets you enjoy comfortable sleep. Latex memory pillow can be a good cushion to body pressure and suitable for back or side recumbency. Never worry about the deformation issue.
  • REDUCE STATIC AND EASY TO HEAT DISSIPATION: Latex pillow can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity between the human body and fiber. With honeycomb structure (thus good ventilation) , it allows rapid distribution of heat produced by the body.
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO MAINTAIN: The 100% natural latex foam pillow with scientific & high-tech molding formula, it is incredibly durable, offering the best-in-class support and durability through latex. Simply, unzip the cover and wash it once in a while. Five years warranty from WOQI.

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  1. I have never had such a wonderful purchase experience I really love this pillow! I have never have such a wonderful purchase experience.Good thing needs to be introduced to more people,because it worth this. I am a new mom and my baby is only six months.My shoulder and neck are really hurt because I need to hold the baby all the time to stop her from crying and breastfeed her,it’s really a hard time for me and I have changed my pillow twice to relief the pain,even I bought a pillow which cost me $99,I didn’t work well. Fortunately my husband’s…

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