Lumbar Support, FitPlus Premium Deluxe Lumbar Support Cushion Memory Foam! ‘2 Year Warranty’ – With 3D mesh Cover For Home Office Or Car Seat Cushion (Black)

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The Fitplus memory foam lumbar support cushion provides a great combination of both comfort and support.
The lumbar cushion is designed to counter to the curves of your back to give you a custom fit.
The micro fiber washable cover is soft and protects the cushion pillow inside.
The back support cushion’s medium firmness easily supports the spinal curve and makes sitting more comfortable.
This pillow comes with a removable Washable outer cover for easy cleaning.
Orthopedically shaped lumbar memory foam pillow
Perfect for the office, home or auto seat and chair
Removable outer cover: machine wash cold

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY – Memory foam allows back cushion to mold into your body’s contour for maximum comfort and support
  • EXTRA STRAP – Integrated adjustable elastic strap to easily fit any chair, including extra strap for bigger seats chairs
  • MADEWITH 100% MEMORY FOAM – created with the perfect blend of firmness and comfort, to help with back support
  • SUPPORTS – vertebral disks in the lumbar region providing relief in the spinal column, and for other back muscles
  • HELPS – maintain Natural inward curvature of the lower spine. Supports the pelvis and provides balance of the spinal region

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3 thoughts on “Lumbar Support, FitPlus Premium Deluxe Lumbar Support Cushion Memory Foam! ‘2 Year Warranty’ – With 3D mesh Cover For Home Office Or Car Seat Cushion (Black)

  1. TAKE STATIN DRUGS FOR COLESTEROL ? hOW DO YOU LIKE THE BACK PAIN ? I’m 66 yrs. old. Don’t walk for exercise as my doctor constantly reminds. Average (I think) body. 5’11” 175lbs. Sit too much. Not enough activityto keep muscle in decent shape. Take Statins for colesterol control. These drugs are often absolute torture and agony, for me always in the largemuscles in my back. Because I only work 7 days/ month, I’m just starting to get the aches minimized by the time my week is finished. I then repeat process monthly. Bending at waist continuously…

  2. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BACK SUPPORT…THIS IS A REVIEW UPDATE This was purchased as a gift……for someone who drives for at least 8 hours a day (sometimes more) and after the 1st day of using it he told me that it was great and really made a huge difference as far as comfort and NO agitation on his spine.Also, fits with no problem around the back of the seat…..It’s been almost 3 weeks since my friend started using this Lumbar Support ….. he keeps it in his work van and as I previously stated he drives at least if not more for…

  3. and I was not disappointed when it came When I was searching around for different cushions, I kept being drawn to this one for some magical reason. I hovered by the front door in excitement for this thing, and I was not disappointed when it came! I do a LOT of walking and driving for work and I also wear a duty belt. Having that extra weight on your body for extended periods of time (sometimes almost for 16 hours or more) can definitely hurt your back. When I opened my package, I wasn’t expecting it to be so big, but I later learned…

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