MeasuPro Easy Read Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Detection, Two User Modes, Memory Recall and Large Backlit LCD Display

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Measure On The Go
MeasuPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is compact, portable and quiet. Track your health at the gym, office or on vacation. Measurements only take a few minutes and then you can put bpm back in its convenient carry case and go on with your day

Know Your Numbers
Automatic wrist monitor uses auto-inflate technology to give the most accurate readings of systolic and diastolic pressure along with pulse rate. Monitor can also detect an irregular heartbeat using the standard deviation of recorded heartbeat intervals. Use the color coded hypertension bar to easily understand your measurements

Monitor Your Progress
Whether you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure, the key to getting and maintain a healthy level is to keep track of your readings. This blood pressure device does it for you. Blood pressure log records up to 120 records, 60 per user. Each record is shown with a date and time stamp. The calculated average of the last 3 records is displayed as well

Package Contents
1 x Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
1 x Carry Bag
2 x AAA Batteries
1 x User Manual

External Dimensions: 2.4in x 3.5in x 1.1in
LCD Display Dimensions: 1.4in x 1.8in
Cuff Perimeter: 5.3in – 8.5in
Power: 2 x AAA Batteries
Accuracy: +/- 3mmHG (0.4kPa)

Product Features

  • ONE STEP MEASURING: Advanced one step measuring technique makes blood pressure monitoring quick and simple. At the press of one button the automatic inflate technology inflates cuff to appropriate level. Get an accurate blood pressure reading in a matter of minutes. Cuff fits wrist perimeter of 13.5cm-21.5cm
  • MONITOR WHAT MATTERS: Wrist blood pressure machine gives systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings along with heart rate. Health device can also detect irregular heartbeat. Color coded hypertension level bar indicator allows user to classify their pressure with ease
  • MEMORY RECALL: This helpful function stores up to 120 readings, 60 readings per user, stored data includes blood pressure, pulse rate, date and time of measurement. Memory can be cleared for new users
  • SMART DESIGN: User friendly design features an easy read LCD display with clear, visble numbers and large buttons. Digital monitor is lightweight, compact and quiet – take your blood pressure anywhere, anytime. Blood pressure monitor ensures accurate readings and flashes error messages if fit or calibration is incorrect
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: MeasuPro is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a 2 Year Warranty on all our products and our friendly customer service team is always ready to help with all questions or issues. When you purchase a MeasuPro Blood Pressure Monitor you can be confident in your buying decision

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2 thoughts on “MeasuPro Easy Read Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Detection, Two User Modes, Memory Recall and Large Backlit LCD Display

  1. I like this product……. Not Love, but do Like it. I am an RN that is currently battling High Blood Pressure. My Primary care Dr uses a wrist bp cuff to monitor my bp. When comparing a manual blood pressure reading to this, i have found (at most) a 10 point difference on both the “high number” and the “low number”. I plan to take my new machine with me when i go to my next Dr. visit and compare readings to see difference. My mother also has high blood pressure and has an irregular heart rate. I tried this one on her and it…

  2. Very Comfortable and easly portable. This was purchased for another family member. It was very easy to set up and use. I tested it a few times. I cannot attest to accuracy but it did seem reading as it should be. When put on the family member, it seemed to be aincccurate to her also. She had just been tested that morning and it seemed to be a reasonable reading. The fact that it saves the last 60 reads is extremely helpful because she never writes her reading down. This comes with a small carrying bag that makes it very…

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