Mental Focus: The 7 Laws Of Focus: The #1 Secret For Excellence, Productivity and Radical Results. (The 7 Laws Series)

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Focus and Accomplish Your Goals TODAY with these Easy Productivity Tips!

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Would you like to feel:

  • Focused?
  • Motivated?
  • Efficient?
  • Determined?
  • and Successful?

In Brian Cagneey’s

The 7 Laws of Focus: The #1 Secret for Excellence, Productivity and Radical Results

, you’ll achieve all this and more!

Part of Brian’s well-known

7 Laws Series, The 7 Laws of Focus

can help you become more effective, dedicated, and productive to get more done. Whether you want to

get out of debt, change a habit,


succeed in business,

Brian’s proven and effective focus and concentration tips in this book will help you get what you really want from life!

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Unlike other motivational and productivity books, The 7 Laws of Focus gives you a wealth of detailed and powerful tips and techniques to

  • The 1st Law of Focus: Set up for Success
  • The 2nd Law of Focus: A Lie that Holds You Back
  • The 3rd Law of Focus: K.I.S.S.
  • The 4th Law of Focus: Stay Focused Until the End
  • The 5th Law of Focus: How to Achieve Anything
  • The 6th Law of Focus: A Question for Never Lacking Focus Again
  • The 7th Law of Focus: The One Thing You Can Do for Success

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Do you want to learn how to focus so you can get more from your life? Are you looking for better results? Would you like to get more from your efforts and have more mental toughness?


The 7 Laws of Focus

, Brian explains the secret of success: the seven principles of achieving massive change in your life. He helps you

get more results

from your effort, determination, and mental focus. If you’re done wasting time and energy and want to improve your life TODAY, download this powerful guidebook immediately!

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3 thoughts on “Mental Focus: The 7 Laws Of Focus: The #1 Secret For Excellence, Productivity and Radical Results. (The 7 Laws Series)

  1. Discover the power of focus!!! A very inspiring eBook to everyone. It will keep you motivated and boost your determination in reaching your goals. Mental focus refers to the ability of an individual to direct mental effort on the most relevant information in the environment. This eBook will help you maintain your focus and provide you a concrete explanation about the seven principles that will lead you to achieving a massive change in your life. Discover the benefits of achieving focus in life and find out the importance of…

  2. Mental Focus! This book offers what the author calls “7 laws” of focus” and “the #1 secret for excellence, productivity, and radical results.” The title left me a bit confused about what exactly he was offering, so I read and noticed the book derives from “beliefs based on life practice” and not some academic theory. It follows that what we have here is a compendium of notions and assertions based on the author’s personal opinions. He has written a series of…

  3. Focus is the #1 secret to getting what you want in life……. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to focus, achieve efficiency, and get anything that you want in life. Focus is the FIRST secret to getting what you want in life. The principles are the same for everyone and anyone can succeed in life with them if they simply apply them.There are 7 principles in this book i.e. which are the secret of most successful people. And it is helpful to inspire as well as give people hope with a little effort, determination and motivation who…

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