QUALIA: Premium Nootropic For Mental Clarity, Focus & Performance – Brain Booster Supplement

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Do you feel mentally worn down? Too busy to keep up? Too burnt out to be who you want to be for your loved ones and yourself? You're not alone. Everything from stress, to environmental toxins, to poor nutrition take their toll on our mental performance over time. You'd be amazed how quickly you can feel mentally recharged if you take advantage of the mental nutrition Qualia provides.

Qualia is a comprehensive nootropic product designed to energize and optimize daily mental and emotional capacities.

Qualia may help...

- Those with challenging careers or coursework needing better focus and performance.

- Artists, musicians, and creatives trying to channel flow-state and inspiration.

- Athletes seeking the willpower, drive, and sharpness to perform at the highest level.

- Gamers and competitors needing clarity and strategic thinking for success.

- Parents and couples who want to do more to maximize their emotional availability.

Why Qualia instead of another brand?

Because Qualia has the most premium ingredients with the most generous quantities. It's not just our 42 ingredients, it's also their generous dosing and impeccable sourcing standards. Qualia is designed to deliver almost immediately noticeable results, and long term cognitive benefits.

True expert formulators. Made by Neurohacker Collective, a collective that includes Stanford neuroscientists, Harvard educated biochemists and leading experts in complex systems and whole systems science. That's why we've attracted endorsements from NatGeo's Jason Silva, to SealFit founder Mark Divine, to Futurism.com and even the Wall Street Journal have taken note. We're serious nootropic experts, aimed at serious results.

We offer a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee! Click add to cart and try Qualia today!

Product Features

  • COMPREHENSIVE FORMULA DESIGNED FOR COMPREHENSIVE RESULTS - A premium nootropic product must increase many mental capacities simultaneously, rather than increasing one capacity at the expense of others. Qualia is meticulously designed to increase memory, focus, clarity, creativity, energy, and emotional resilience, not at the expense of one another, but simultaneous to one another, for radical cognitive enhancement.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS, IMPECCABLE SOURCING STANDARDS - Qualia is a deeply comprehensive formula designed for almost immediately noticeable effects. Our sourcing and purity standards go far beyond what is legally required, creating our own set of standards to ensure the highest purity possible for our customers. FULL ONE MONTH SUPPLY - based on suggested use - Step One contains 66 capsules & Step two contains 132 capsules
  • SERIOUS RESEARCHERS, SERIOUS MEDIA ATTENTION: Our collective includes Stanford neuroscientists, Harvard educated biochemists and academics, and leading experts in the emerging fields of complex systems and whole systems science. We've received endorsements from NatGeo's Jason Silva, futurism.com, and Supplement Police, as well as features in -- Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and the Wall Street Journal.
  • NON-GMO | GLUTEN-FREE | VEGAN CAPSULES - Neurohacker Collective cares about the dietary standards of our customers. Qualia is a non-GMO, gluten free product in vegan capsules. Another key factor in our formula is balance.There's less caffeine in a dose of Qualia than a cup of coffee, with a similar daily price. But unlike coffee, Qualia is designed for lasting benefits that enhance your day and make you more productive, emotionally centered, and inspired than you ever knew was possible.
  • We offer a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee - That's how confident we are that Qualia can significantly improve your daily mental and emotional capacity, for your mind to excel, enjoy, and accomplish, like never before.

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3 thoughts on “QUALIA: Premium Nootropic For Mental Clarity, Focus & Performance – Brain Booster Supplement

  1. I’m leery of reviews on here when they aren’t from verified purchasers – good or bad I initially posted this as a reply to the one star review entitled: “Contains an unclassified drug! NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.” Hopefully this doesn’t go against any redundancy policies Amazon may have. Because after writing I realized although I wanted to reply to someone’s health concern I simultaneously ended up writing my review of the product, the company and why I eventually chose to invest in the Collective. (Before I share my review/reply; a bit of irony I talk about being weary…

  2. Excellent nootropic stack; ideal for executives/entrepreneurs I’m an Executive Coach and biohacking has been a hobby of mine since 2000. There is nothing that excites me more than finding a way to be more kick-ass, optimized, amazing and invincible. Haven’t found invincible yet… but I keep searching.In my search for the best and most cutting-edge nootropic, I found Qualia. Absolutely the most comprehensive stack I’ve seen to date. Yes, there are other really great stacks, but nothing (yet) quite compares to the complete and brilliantly…

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