Seasonal37 – Cold Remedy – Fast Acting Cold Relief – All Natural Herbal Immune Booster Cold Flu Cough Respiratory Congestion, Elderberry, Ginger & Echinacea Herb 2oz – SEASONAL37 by Clyor

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Seasonal changes take their toll on everyone, but for professionals who rely on their voice performance, the problem needed to be addressed. Season37 by Clyor was designed to combat the coldest of winters! As performers ourselves, we understand the need to avoid and prevent seasonal strains on the voice at all costs, and we are proud to say that we use Season37 ourselves. The results are incredible! Avoid croaky and hoarse voice brought about by the seasonal common cold with Season37.

• Keep Voice Lubricated While Curing Cold
• Effective Spray, Quick Results
• Protect Voice from Illness Strain
• Preserve Vocal Clarity
• Maintain your Resonance, Range & Timbre from Seasonal Voice Strains
• Help Prevent Phlegm During Singing or Speeches

We understand the challenges vocal performers face while singing or speaking. Only the purest of nature will sooth your symptoms, and keep your voice intact. Season37 helps relieve the symptoms of the common cold, and has been known to be effective against seasonal allergies. How does it work? Seasonal37 quickly heals colds and soothes your throat membranes & larynx, to allow for talking, singing and performing through any season, at your full potential.

– Vegetable Base
– No Alcohol
– Echinacea Herb
– Red Root
– Green Tea
– Elderberry
– Thyme
– Red Clover
– Ginger
– Lomatium Root
– Myrrh Gum
– Mullein

There is nothing like a bad cold, or cough to drive you searching for immune system boosters or natural healing. With Clyor you can strengthen the body & relieve symptoms. All natural ingredients are combined by design of professional vocalists with top herbalists, especially for voice care. Note that if negative symptoms persist you should contact your doctor, especially if nursing or pregnant.

Product Features

  • QUICK COLD RELIEF: Seasonal37 by Clyor has been known to relieve colds quickly and effectively. Its fast acting formula makes it perfect for the vocal professional, helping to protect your voice from being affected by the strains of illness.
  • VOICE & THROAT PROTECTION: These herbal drops for the common cold ensure that voice and throat remain lubricated throughout the heeling process, protecting your voice from the dryness and strain caused by traditional medicine.
  • NEW BRAND PROVEN QUALITY: Formerly Sprouts, Clyor’s remedies have a long track record of success and effectiveness. These supplements are created in partnership with professions vocalists and singers.
  • CAREER VOCALISTS: Do you sing, act or speak? This is the solution for you! Singers, public speakers, orators, theater performers and actors will greatly benefit from fast relief without negative impact on their voice.
  • NATURE IN A BOTTLE: This common cold remedy is alcohol free. It is vegetarian based, including Echinacea Herb, Red Root, Green Tea, Elderberry, Thyme, Red Clover, Ginger & more. Enjoy nature’s healthiest and best.

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