Spray for Life Vitamin D3 Spray with Nanotechnology – 6000IU Daily Vitamin-D Liquid Spray for Adults, Children and Seniors – 30 Day Supply

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Ready to say goodbye to pills?
Ready for instant D3 absorption?
Ready to support your overall well-being?

Recent studies are revealing vitamin D3 to be extremely important in supporting your overall health. D3 has been shown to help: Keep teeth and bones healthy, support your immune system, regulate insulin levels, and support cardiovascular health. Given the lack of vitamin D in food sources, health professionals are recommending daily D3 supplementation - especially if you aren't getting adequate sun exposure.

Say goodbye to pills and hello to Spray for Life! Hard-pill vitamins have an inability to dissolve, absorption limitations, contain added excipients, and can be difficult for our bodies to breakdown. Studies have found that our bodies can only absorb approximately 10% of the vitamins found in the average hard-pill.

Spray for Life provides a solution in the form of a vitamin-D spray that utilizes the latest Nano Technology. This revolutionary technology naturally reduces the size of vitamin molecules to the nano-scale, allowing our D3 liquid to be instantly absorbed into your body - [Bypassing the digestive tract, and the loss that results from digestion, you are rewarded with maximum vitamin intake!]

Tropical Breeze Flavor - We make supplementation delicious
Natural Cholecalciferol D3 - Reap the rewards
Travel Friendly - Throw into your travel bag and stay healthy on the go
Instant Absorption - Liquid-form spray means D3 is absorbed faster

We've packed 6000IU into each serving of this vitamin D3 spray - Specifically formulated to support your teeth, bones, immune system, nervous system, and support cardiovascular health.

Spray into your mouth 3 times, twice a day, and get the FULL dose of D3 we recommend to live a healthy life - Experience the sensational benefits for yourself - Grab a bottle today!

Product Features

  • IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE by raising your vitamin D3 levels! Like sunshine in a bottle, supplementing with this D3 spray ensures you don't have to suffer vitamin D deficiency any longer!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO PILLS and hello to the new way to supplement your vitamin D3! This D3 spray provides a great-tasting and convenient alternative to traditional, hard-to-swallow pills - Perfect for kids!
  • NANO TECHNOLOGY naturally reduces the size of vitamin molecules to the nano-scale. These tiny molecules are then formulated into a liquid spray, allowing D3 to be readily absorbed into your body. Superior vitamin absorption = Enhanced health results.
  • TASTES GREAT - Tropical Breeze - Why settle for bland testing vitamin pills, when all our vitamin sprays are naturally flavored, and sweetened with Stevia - Giving you even more motivation to take your vitamins every day.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - At Spray for Life, we pride ourselves on high-quality customer service. We're so confident that we produce the best multivitamin spray that if you are unhappy with our product just send it back and we will refund you.

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