Focus V2 tES Brain Stimulator

A Professional Grade Electrical Brain Stimulator Featuring tACS, tRNS, tPCS and tDCS. The Focus V2 is the only commercially availabe tES device that features tDCS (Direct Current), tACS (Alternating Current), tPCS (Pulsed Current) and tRNS (Random Noise) stimulation. Getting started with is simple. The blue OLED digital display and 4-way joystick make light work […]

Instant Nutri Vitamin D3 Immune System Booster, Fast Immune Support Safe For Kids Or Adults, Lifetime Warranty! No Alcohol, Highest Absorption (95%) Vitamin D3 Drops. Immune Stimulator Children Health

“Want A Quality, Immune-Boosting, Kid-Friendly D3 Vitamin So You Can Stay Healthy…Without Risking It With Another Cheap Knockoff? Don’t Be Fooled By Copycats…Get The Real Thing Here!” -No Pills To Swallow, Immediate Absorption; It’s Perfect. Even If You Tried Others Before, This Is Different. Why Go Without It?-Ready to end the frustration of cheap vitamins […]

Bladder Control for the Pelvic Floor, Kegel Weight Set for Females to Tighten the Pelvis and Improve Incontinence, Intimacy – Kegel Exerciser Beginner and Advanced Vulva Biofeedback Stimulator

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED Kegel Exercise Kit. Made from 100% seamless waterproof medical grade silicone exterior and small weighted interior for beginner and advanced users. The length of the silicone string is designed for easy removal. No assembly required. MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING KIT. Includes large and small sizes, instruction booklet and black travel case. 100% Safe and […]

Natural Nootropic & Brain Booster. Cognitive Stimulator & Neuronal Enhancer for Memory, Focus & Clarity. Proprietary Blend for Mental Performance with Vitamins, Antioxidants, L-Glutamine, DHA & DMAE

Nootropic. Anti-Aging, physician formulated. MULTIVITAMINS + ANTIOXIDANTS + THE BEST PROPRIETARY BLEND AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET HUPERZINE A: Increase Information Retention and Memory Formation, It can also Boost Concentration and Mental Clarity. GABA: Benefits Mental Health and Cognitive Function. Is Able to Help with some Depressive Conditions due to its Ability to Promote a Healthy […]