Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organic Brain Health Memory & Focus for Teens and Young Aduls 60 Tablets

It’s a competitive world. On college campuses you compete for grades. In your work, you compete for advancement. In your sport, you compete for placement. When you go through your daily life you compete to be the best you can be. Here’s an insight from Dr. David Perlmutter, Board Certified Neurologist, Best-selling Author and a […]

Focused Mind (Capsules) Focus and Memory for Teens and Adults **Now with Cognizin: Proven to support memory**

Focused Mind is a natural alternative to prescription pharmaceutical products that improve Focus and Memory in teens and adults. The company’s Board Certified pediatrician, Dr. Natalie, has completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, and has formulated this product from clinically proven natural ingredients at studied dosages. Focused Mind is a more robust formula than Focused […]